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Does the Pomodoro Technique really work?

Today we’ll discuss the Pomodoro technique. Is it for you? I tested it for a week and was surprised with the results. Being someone who loves all things that make us productive, I had been a tad apprehensive about trying this Pomodoro thing out. However after speaking with some free-lance friends that utilize it daily,…

Episode 006: Want to boost your productivity? Write it down!

In this episode, we’ll discuss the the benefits of writing things down and how this simple act can make you more productive and happy. In today’s world of high tech, the thought of writing things down seems archaic. We have all of these great tools available to us, why not take advantage of them? I…

Does an Organized desk equal Productivity? The simple answer is YES!

Most of us spend many hours a day at our desks. Creating a clutter-free and organized workspace is essential in maintaining focus and staying on top of high-priority items. Have you ever misplaced an important document, or struggled to find a note from a previous conversation? Most of us spend many hours a day at…

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