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Getting Organized

How can becoming more organized help you?

First of all being organized is a HUGE STRESS RELIEF Having a list of things always hanging over your head, could be the reason for your high stress level in your life.

Secondly, being organized will help you SLEEP BETTER. You might not realize it, but having clutter in your home and work life can cause you to lose out on sleep.

Being organized will increase your PRODUCTIVITY at work and at home.

Your RELATIONSHIPS will benefit from your new found organization. No more forgetting appointments or having to run around at the last minute to get something done.

The best benefit from being organized, is the INCREASE IN ME TIME. No more working long hours or missing your time at the gym. Being organized will allow for you to be happier in all aspects of your life!

We all want to have a

  • an environment that allows you to focus on life and how you are spending your time, instead of focusing on the clutter or tasks that are not getting completed.
  • a plan for achieving our goals, both at home and at work. Organizing and planning will help you get your work done accurately, avoiding costly errors. Organizing will help you be more efficient and productive at home and at work. Being well organized and developing effective plans also allows you to reach important goals and objectives.

Organizational areas that we can help you

  • Home – We will show you how to create zones of organization in your home. This will help you tackle all of the home without feeling overwhelmed. Examples of zones are; Kitchen, Pantry, Closets, Home Office, Bedroom, bathroom and the garage. We will devise a plan for you that works best with your families schedule. The key is to not get overwhelmed and to keep moving forward.
  • Work – We will help you with a strategy that will keep you focused on what is really important. We will help you manage your time better, allowing for you to get your tasks accomplished in a timely fashion. Set work priorities for managing your email and phone calls. Reduce clutter at your workstation by utilizing tools like calendars and planners.
  • Family – This is the best part of our work. We will help you find the time to live your best life. No more missing family events, because you forgot about them. We will find you more time to spend with your family. We will maximize your time by showing you how to make your mornings work for you. Generating a menu plan will make those evening flow with less stress. We help you create a visual weekly schedule, that will help you and your family stay focused on the important tasks at hand, setting your family up for long term success.


– Jennifer (One on One coaching client)

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